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“Is it in vogue to like weird and ugly songs with electro beats and bad vocals to show that you’re very hype nowadays?” asks one commenter on her YouTube video. “Well, I’ll have to try hard, ’cause this is shit for me, so far.”Decide for yourself after watching the New in Town video:Japandroids dream of electric guitars: Though it often feels like death by a thousand paper cuts when you’re living it, being a teenager is an awesomely overstimulating time of heightened emotions, raging hormones and epic processes of self discovery. The sheer saturation of feelings and experiences that most folks accumulate throughout adolescence make it rich for artistic exploitation, though it can be tricky to replicate That Teenage Feeling (props to Neko Case) in retrospect without resorting to gooey nostalgia or crass cliches.Enter Vancouver duo Japandroids, a gleefully lo fi rock ‘n’ roll duo whose debut album, Post Nothing, is a bracing collection of scarred, fuzzed out riffs, thudding drums and urgent rallying cries.

The shifting consumer trends helped drive GM’s profits sharply higher. The auto maker on Thursday said it earned $1.1 billion profits last quarter, quadrupling its haul from the year before.Related: Ferrari IPO gets the green lightGM posted adjusted profits of $1.29 per share, blowing past Wall Street’s forecast of $1.08. That’s why GM shares soared 7% on Thursday morning.

He also likes the progression of time that you can see through the changing helmets and uniforms. The piece is about 26 x 10, and Smith posted the finished product online this week, which you can see above. Some of the earlier images are below.. While seated, position one dumbbell overhead with both hands supporting the dumbbell under the inner plate. With elbows straight and dumbbell raised overhead, lower the dumbbell behind your head and lower it enough to feel a good stretch in the triceps. Return dumbbell back to starting position and repeat for 10 12 reps, and a total of 4 5 sets..

I suggest going to see Spiral Beach sometimes over the weekend. Their music, apparel and energy will knock your socks off.Ghettosocks, Ghost Bees, Happiness Project, Iron Giant, Mardeen, Octoberman, Olenka, Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees, The Burning Hell, The D’Urbervilles, The Grass Mountain Hobos, The Motorleague, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, Woodhands, Wax Mannequin and Young Rival would be my choices if I was attending. But that’s just me.FILM REVIEW: Titanic 3D minute by minuteJames Cameron’s Titanic was always a marathon at three hours and counting.

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