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The late singer plays the mother of Jordin Sparks, an aspiring singer in the 1960s who rises with a girl group similar to the Supremes. Sparkle will be released in August. Continue reading this postFABLE FIGHT: Mirror Mirror vs. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free stated the poem by Emma Lazarus about America’s promise. Martha Teichner visits New York’s Tenement Museum, which has recreated apartments representing several decades of the immigrant experience as lived by the millions who came from the Old World looking for a new life. And what he was is the subject of a record breaking exhibit now at the Brooklyn Museum, entitled “David Bowie Is.” Serena Altschul pays a visit, and also talks with Bowie’s longtime producer Tony Visconti..

Since the hat debuted and Trump’s campaign became a juggernaut, awareness of the slogan stayed steady, as measured in Google searches. No one cared about searching for “make America great again” a year ago. Now people search for it all the time, often when seeking information about the hat itself.

My husband and I were making excellent money over 100,000 per year now its down to nothing. We did save for a rainny day an egg nest if thats what you want to call it. My husband has the smarts when to spend and when not to. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAs a series of hearings begin Monday, CACTUS the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations plans to argue that control of community television should be in different hands.”We think the cable model isn’t working anymore. We think it makes more sense that communities take over the reins for those channels,” activist Catherine Edwards of CACTUS told CBC News.The group would prefer money was better utilized on things like multimedia and production centres that would offer learning opportunities rather than nominal programming. It would reopen studios in many local centres and offer training to community members in how to produce digital content.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfilePGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem, surfer Kelly Slater and Dustin Johnson wait to hit from the first tee during a charity challenge event in Kapalua, Hawaii, on Wednesday. The PGA will allow the Golf Channel to mike players during the tournament in Hawaii. (Eric Risberg/Associated Press)The PGA has agreed to allow the Golf Channel to mike its players for television broadcasts of the tour opener in Hawaii, but golfers haven’t been supportive of the idea so far, The Associated Press reports.Jack Graham, executive producer for the Golf Channel, told reporters that some players don’t want the microphones, while others have expressed interest but not for the first tournament, which starts Friday.Graham, however, expects the golfers will warm to the idea, especially considering how other sports leagues, including the NBA and the NFL, have used wireless microphones to capture audio clips from players during games.

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